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04/18/08 - Iso Episode 2 is out!

You may take a look at Iso Ep 2 from here for now. In a few hours it will up on youtube and by Sunday it should be up on Enjoy!

Here is the youtube link!

-TheRealFragger - Comment Here

04/12/08 - New Stuff And Episode 2 Info

Well here is some new news:

Site Info: I am currently working on a new FMP site that will be more integrated with the forums (and not be a portal). So a new design and some new features will be shown/discussed at a later point. Also there will be streaming video (woot!). For now I am working on getting Iso Episode 1 into a streaming format. That should happen around the time of the second or third episode. Speaking of Episode 2 . . . .

Iso: I am working hard on Episode 2. When you see it you will know why I am taking an extra week to get the shit looking right. I have the shot acted just not filmed to my liking.

Misc: There may be a store soon. Mebbe.

-TheRealFragger - Comment Here

04/05/09 - Forums Up

Forums are now back up and updated. Over the course of the next few days a few additions/subtractions to the forums will occur so keep an eye out!

-TheRealFragger - Comment Here

04/05/09 - Forums Down

The forums will be down for the rest of the day being the fact that while updating our server decided to suck and not let me finish what I was doing. Sometime after 10pm EST tonight our forums should be back up. Thanks for your patience.

-TheRealFragger - Comment Here

3/31/08 - Episode 1 Of Iso

Holy crap it's done! Here is where you can download it. I will have the Iso page up soon in the projects area. Enjoy!

-TheRealFragger - Comment Here

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